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ServersThe most important part of your small business network is without a doubt your Servers. They house databases, critical applications, accounting data, eMail services, and much, much more. Your Servers also provide security for your users and protect your data from the outside world. Servers are the backbone, and very critical to the overall success and health of your business. NewAge Computers uses the latest technology, along with highly trained engineers to monitor and maintain a secure, safe, and stable environment for your working environment.

For those who want to maximize the output of your technology structure, our Technicians at NewAge Computers can help you to best utilize the resources at hand, so that you as the owner can increase you business productivity and limit unnecessary expenditures.

Server Problems

It doesn't matter the size of a business or how many employees it has , when the server goes down it is going to cause a great deal of chaos. For starters, the company is not going to be able to retrieve vital data it might need for clients, which is going to slow the business response time and could, potentially, force the client to a competitor. There are all sorts of issues that can arise, ranging from a virus that has taken down the entire server to a simple disconnection of a wire. Regardless of the problem though, unless the company is trained to deal with such a situation it might prove drastically difficult to actually discover the origin of the problem and correct it. That is exactly where the email and exchange server support in St. Charles, MO is going to come into play and how it is able to help assist the business.

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