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Residential Computer & Laptop Repair – St. Peters

For residential computer and laptop repair services in St. Peters, St. Louis, St Charles and O’Fallon, MO NewAge Computers is the right choice offering professional, efficient service for training on a new computer system or repairing an existing one.

Residential Computer RepairPC/Laptop Repairs & Rebuild

Why spend money on a new machine? An old computer doesn’t have to be headed for the computer graveyard. Data and files need not be lost, either. An in home computer repair company can do repairs while keeping the important information stored on the computer intact. An old, favorite machine can be rebuilt to work better than ever. It’s a good way to go green and reuse!

Memory Upgrades

There’s nothing worse than losing one’s memory! Having a PC forget important information or lose critical files is frustrating, but there is an easy fix. Added memory keeps everything efficient.

Network Setup & Support St. Charles

Getting a network going sounds intimidating, but networking machines has so many advantages. Sharing folders and printers and centralizing a server is a good way to maximize the advantages of home computing for the entire family. Look no further than residential computer repair and network support St Charles Mo for onsite help and wireless networking, too.

Data Recovery

Everyone has an “Oops!” moment and deletes something they meant to keep. All is not lost! A residential computer repair expert can recover lost data and restore deleted files.

Optimizing PC/Laptop Performance

A tune-up can increase computer performance.

  • Removing startup files no longer needed
  • Cleaning out temporary folders
  • Removing bad or unnecessary registry entries
  • Security updates should be installed regularly, along with system updates

A car needs regular tune-ups, and so does a PC or Laptop.

Virus, Malware, and Adware Removal

A computer that runs like molasses isn’t functioning properly, and a virus could be behind slow operation. Malware, spyware, and adware are also common problems in slow-running computers. Finding and removing those hidden gremlins will restore computer function. Don’t struggle with slow or malfunctioning computers. There is help available! Contact the most professional residential computer repair St Charles MO has to offer for the best virus removal services.

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