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Traditional advertising in magazine ads and radio and television commercials is really just a crapshoot. It depends primarily on the number of people who see these ads, regardless of their real interests.

World-is-one-click-awayEnter pay per click marketing.

Pay per click marketing is targeted toward people who have shown an interest in a particular item through Internet searches. Pay per click ads are the sponsored links you see on the edges of a web page. They are directly associated with your recent web search in Google or Yahoo! - or other search engines.

Setting up effective pay per click ads depends on strategic thinking about where you want people to go who click on those ads. Pay per click ads are meant to be “sticky,” attracting possible consumers with something that speaks to them with an engaging and clear message. This is where most businesses go wrong.

Pay per click marketing, St. Charles, MO

Hiring an experienced computer technician to set up your pay per click marketing in St. Charles, MO, is spending your money wisely. An experienced technician understands how careful keyword research, bidding and ad copy depends not just on that first click - but how to make that click stick.

Where do you want to send your potential customers?

Experienced technicians who set up your pay per click marketing in St. Charles MO, will understand that sending someone to the home page of a blog or website creates not a sticky ad, but a slippery one. Customers slip away like sand through fingers.

The way to keep potential customers with pay per click marketing in St. Charles MO is by using these three key tips:

  1. Have your technician build a landing page or two or three that sends a specific message to the person who clicked on your ad link using specific keywords. This landing page speaks more directly to the searcher, establishing a relationship and dialogue.
  2. Instead of selling a product or service, fill the landing page with useful information such as an eBook or an interesting list of factoids directly related to what you’re selling. People like to learn. Teach them something interesting about your product or service.
  3. Have your technician set up an RSS auto-responder and/or an email form so that you can stay in contact with the prospective customer. This will open an enticing dialogue that will keep your prospective customers interested.

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