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Designing a professional or personal website can be tricky. Many people try to do it on their own and end up making mistakes like:

WEBSITEBusy design

Many times an inexperienced web designer will want to put too much onto their website, making it hard to use and follow. A good web designer will focus on clear aesthetics that draw people in and easily get them to where they want to go. In fact, most visitors spend a total of three seconds looking for what they want on a website. If they can’t find it, they move on.

Lack of a call to action

A good web designer will know how to design a site that prompts the visitors to take action, take the next step, especially for businesses. Not overselling your product or service doesn’t mean abandoning the approach altogether. You still need to tell your visitors what their next step will be.

Selling too hard

If your website is for business, customers want to be understood. Even personal websites can sell too hard – an opinion, a family reunion, a wedding. It’s easy to forget that online visitors are actually human beings who still seek personal touch and thoughtful communication. If you target market is older, a good web designer will think about enlarging the font size for example.

Local website design

A good website designer will help you set up:

  • Your domain name, find web hosting
  • SSL and security
  • Email accounts

A local website designer will help you set up your Business marketing tools such as:

  • Your buyer profile in your e-commerce products,
  • Your quick shopping cart,
  • Your search engine visibility,
  • Email marketing and faxing
  • Even your blog

A Professional website design will also help your business prosper by optimizing:

  • Search engine visibility, bringing more traffic to your website
  • Customer leads and sales
  • Visibility on Google, Yahoo! And Bing!
  • Promotion of your business with pay-per-click ads

It helps to target visitors.

Knowing who you want communicate with will help you focus your website on creating a positive experience for your target market or family and friends. Spreading your focus too thin just creates more mess.
And of course you can utilize NewAge Computers for the actual designing and building of your website, from graphic design to establishing clear and concise content that engages each visitor.

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