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Computer networking can increase capacity in the management of all business operations as well as for personal use, from communication and data transfer to storage and more. In fact, setting up a reliable computer network is especially needed for business.
With reliable computer networking in St. Charles MO, you will have access to the Internet with any computer plugged into the network, as well as the ability to use other devices such as fax machines and printers from any computer on the network. But you want to make the right choices.

Computer-network-cablesChoosing the type computer networking can make or break your pocketbook.

Before you start setting up your own network system for your business or home, it helps to be very clear on what type of network and hardware products you may need. A good computer repair technician can help you with computer networking in St. Charles, MO, asking you just the right kinds of questions so that you can become clear on what you need and what you can afford.

Computer Networking St. Charles MO

Look for computer technicians who can offer the full range of networking services so that your home or business can utilize your computer and Internet connection with ease and reliability. Networking services a professional computer technician should provide include:

  • Setting up online backup for secure data storage that is encrypted and off-site
  • Setting up your specific network, be it Ethernet, wireless, or HPNA
  • Setting up remote access through a remote desktop or VPN
  • Installation of localized wireless networking
  • Connection printers and other resources
  • Installation of network switch and router
  • Connection of all computers needed
  • Installation of patch panel
  • File sharing

A professional technician will test your network

To make sure that the network and all of the computers and devices that are set up and connected are working, your technician will run the network through a series of tests including:

  • Checking to see that computer network icons are on all of the computers set up on the network.
  • Checking to make sure the computers can access the Internet the same way.

Should you go wired or wireless?

Although wired (or Ethernet) networks are still widely used and reliable, providing secure and economical Internet access, many people are opting for professional set up of a wireless network. This allows you to have broadband access and eliminates any need for chords and wires.

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