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Thinking of going wireless for your business? Needing to update your laptop or fix your wireless capabilities on your home computer? Opportunities for using the Internet via wireless networking in St. Charles, Mo are plentiful. If your laptop is wireless, you have much more freedom to work from different points in an office or your home, or even anywhere outside the office.

Businessman-making-good-use-of-public-wifiWhat is a wireless network?

A wireless local-area network is called a WLAN for short and it connects laptops and other devices to the Internet via radio waves.
Most laptops include wireless networking capabilities already built into the system. If you have a laptop that does not include wireless networking capabilities, you can have a wireless adapter card easily installed. Look up wireless networking St. Charles MO to find out more information about where you can access wireless networking in your area and what you need to use wireless networking services.

Where can I use a wireless network?

WLANs are often used in public cafes, airports, hotels and libraries as well as businesses throughout office buildings. Educational facilities also utilize WLANs for students, employees and guests. A WLAN is different from a wired service in that it does not use cables and wires to connect devices, creating more freedom to move around with your laptop and still be connected to the Internet.

Benefits of WLAN

  • Ability to access network resources from any location within the coverage area.
  • No cable or wire worries.
  • Since no wires are used, it’s easy to expand WLAN coverage area.
  • Eliminating wiring expenses reduces cost of operating WLANs.
  • Quick, worry-free, and inexpensive installation.

How are WLANS set up?

You can find WLAN access points wherever a public place such as a café or hotel has set up a router. A router can connect many wireless capable computers and laptops to the Internet. It’s easy to extend WLANS throughout an area via multiple routers and access points in several locations, increasing the signal’s strength and distance.

Wireless Networking, St. Charles MO

Finding good technicians for wireless networking in St. Charles, Mo, can be challenging. Look for technicians who can configure your Internet connection in your home or your business. You can also take your laptop to a service technician to have your wireless network capabilities installed or repaired. A good technician will now how to protect your wireless Internet connection from viruses.

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