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In the same way that automobiles require oil changes, computers need some TLC for fast, efficient operation. In order to ensure that you get the most value from your system, here's a look at why maintenance is so important, and how to find the best place to get a reliable computer tune up in St. Charles, MO.

Computer-technician-installing-softwareWhat is a computer tune up?

When you first purchased your computer, it seemed lightning fast. After several months or a year of usage, however, you've likely noticed a drop-off in its performance. And once two or more years have gone by, you might find yourself growing very impatient with how slowly your system is operating. Why does this happen? Although some problems can be attributed to a poor Internet connection or extremely outdated hardware, usually a computer becomes sluggish as the result of the buildup of lots of little problems like duplicate files, unnecessary downloads, and the remnants of programs that were never properly uninstalled. Essentially, a tune up is like a "spring cleaning"  that will tidy your system and rid it of all of these little issues. A proper tune up should include:

  • Disk defragmentation
  • Repair of the system registry
  • Deletion of unnecessary/duplicate files
  • Proper uninstalling and removal of unused programs
  • A check for driver updates
  • Startup/shutdown optimization
  • Installation of anti-spyware and anti-virus softwares (if requested)
  • Removal of dust from inside the computer
  • Cleaning of the computer's exterior

What are the benefits?

After a computer tune up in St. Charles, MO, you should notice faster system operation. With more memory and less internal "clutter", your PC or Mac will be able to run more efficiently, meaning that it should take less time for your system to boot up, or for you to be able to open various computer programs. By regularly maintaining your computer, you may also be able to extend its life. Ultimately, this will help you save money, as you won't be required to purchase a new computer as often.

Where can I get a computer tune up in St. Charles, MO?

Do your homework before choosing a professional to tune up your system. Look for computer companies with a strong technological background, and the ability to work with both PCs and Macs. Always ask what the tune up will involve, and don't hesitate to ask for references from satisfied customers. 

How could a tune up benefit your computer?

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