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Do you have computer problems that you want fixed from the convenience of your home or business?
New Age Computer Repair offers Remote Desktop Support services for all our customers, allowing us to resolve technology issues wherever you are located. If you need secure remote support in St Charles MO, hire us for residential & commercial PC/laptop repair to solve your computer issues for you without having to bring your computer to our offices.

Man-using-a-headset-at-a-computerSolve All Types of Computer Issues:

  • Slow computer loading
  • Software and printer errors
  • Virus and malware infections
  • And many others!

Receive Help Remotely

With remote support, our technicians can actually see and interact with your computers’ desktop from home in a secure environment, without disrupting your work or day to day activities.

Like other computer repair companies, we could walk you through issues, but with the advancement of remote computer access, New Age Computer Repair brings a whole new level of support.

PC/Laptop Repairs

Our computer experts can troubleshoot problems for slow or buggy computers by accessing your computer and work on issues without disrupting your system. We can repair and troubleshoot your desktop and programs in real time, so you don’t have to worry about the wait of getting your computer back.

Program and Software Installation

For easy set up of computer programs and software, we use remote access support to install them for you. If you need new web browsers and email accounts for your business, we can also send and download files directly to your computer.

Data Recovery

We can retrieve files deleted by mistake, such as files for Microsoft Office, Excel and PowerPoint. To help recover data lost from technology failures, we can backup and synchronize computer data.

Optimizing PC/Laptop Performance

Our computer technicians can manage your computer systems remotely to improve their performance. By seeing what you see on your desktop, we can increase the speed of your computer and load times.

Virus, Malware, and Adware Removal

If your computer is experiencing issues from viruses or other unwanted files, we can install extra security features like virus removal and firewall software.

With remote access, our computer experts can interact with you and your desktop to resolve issues anywhere our customers are located. Call New Age Computer Repair to help solve issues using secure remote support in St Charles MO, so you go about your business as usual!

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